We understand and know the very important safety and fuel contamination challenges when it comes to handling helicopter fuel.

Flamex adheres to strict and extremely detailed quality assurance program, which meets all the quality requirements and covers all steps from drumming to on-site delivery. We recognize the common "is it sealed?" concern, when partially-full barrels are left at fueling sites. Learn more when you call us to discuss your helicopter or jet fuel storage and handling needs.

We provide complete Fuel logistics and support solutions for our customers. Flamex specializes in supporting organizations operating in difficult and isolated environments. Our experience in overcoming the challenges of geographical and socio-political instability coupled with our local logistic networks means that we can provide you with comprehensive logistic solutions that enable you to focus on your core operations - no matter where you are.

We provide turn-key aviation and ground fuel supply and distribution solutions in some of the toughest locations in Kenya, from isolated Game reserves to the deserts of Northern Kenya and Somalia. Our local scale and infrastructure ensures both reliability of supply and international quality standards in a wide range of operational locations. Customers of our remote logistics services include Commonwealth, Government Departments, Agencies, International Aid Organizations, Construction Companies, Mining, Oil and Gas Industries.