we are committed towards provision of excellent customer service

Flamex petroleum is committed towards the provision of quality aviation fuel that meet stringent requirements for worldwide fuel handling and product quality standards throughout the supply and distribution system. In line with this, Flamex endeavors to comply with set industry, statutory and regulatory framework from refinery to wingtip, product integrity and quality assurance which are at the heart of business.

Our management team is committed towards provision of excellent customer service through diverse presence across all regions in order to supply the necessary support service that meets customer's needs, comply with the effectiveness of quality management system through periodical reviews at appropriate levels. All our employees are involved in and dedicated to achieving high quality standards for our customers through application of Flamex Petroleum's Quality Management System and set Objectives. All employees have a responsibility within their own areas of work that ensures Quality is embedded within and across the whole Company.

Environment, Health & Safety (EHS)

Flamex Petroleum Limited regards the promotion of Environment, health and safety (EHS) within its business as an essential part of its responsibility.

In pursuit of this policy, Flamex Petroleum Limited commits to:-
  • Investing in technology to provide fast, acurate and cost-effective service
  • Ensuring appropriate and sufficient assessment of risks on Environment, health and safety within all departments is undertaken, and action plans prioritized, implemented and evaluated.
  • Continuously seek to sufficient make arrangement to enable employees raise issues of Environment, Health and Safety through the EHS committee;
  • Endeavors to conduct its business so that the environment is preserved.
  • The Company is proactive and endeavors to act as a leader in environmental best practice in its sector.
  • Comply with the entire legislation relevant to its business operations and EHS standards;
  • Ensure employees/public area are given information, instruction and training as necessary to prevent personal injury, damage of property and environment degradation from foreseeable risk resulting from (EHS) hazards;
  • Ensure Company operations do not adversely affect the local environment or biodiversity flora and fauna;
  • Protecting Health and Safety of both visitors and contractors within its premises and other persons affected by its activities;